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Buffalo Bills News - April 25, 2004

Marker Donahoe gets his man in Losman [5:13 AM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'But, of the four QBs tabbed in the first round, he evokes the most mixed reviews.'

Marker Bills deal up to get Tulane QB [5:12 AM]
Niagara Gazette reports: 'Losman perfers the word confidence to cocky. Arrogant is not appropriate.'

Marker Bills Receive Help in Speedy Evans [5:11 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'In Evans, they get a deep threat receiver who was shown himself to be productive throughout his career with the Badgers.'

Marker Buffalo bolsters anemic offence with QB, wideout [5:10 AM]
Toronto Star reports: 'One was for today. The other was for tomorrow. Both were bold moves.'

Marker Lucky 13 for Evans [5:09 AM]
Wisconsin State Journal reports: 'The situation in Buffalo could not be much better for Evans. He's going to a team that ranked 30th in offense last season, but has an established quarterback in Drew Bledsoe and another quality receiver in Eric Moulds. "They've got a great defense and a great quarterback," Evans said. "Some of the receivers there, in Eric Moulds and Josh Reed, I think they're two people I can certainly learn from."'

Marker Patience finally pays off for Evans [5:08 AM]
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: '"We think he is going to bring a special dimension to our offense," Tom Donahoe, president and GM of the Bills, said of Evans. "We think he can come in and contribute and help us to get our offense back on track."'

Marker Bedford grad Evans lands in Buffalo [5:07 AM]
Cleveland Plain Dealer reports: 'Evans added that his talks with the Bills went well and that he is confident Buffalo will be a good fit. "Yeah, I like it, I like it," he said.'

Marker Losman fits the bill for Buffalo [5:06 AM]
New Orleans Times Picayune reports: '"They told me to keep my eyes open for Buffalo with the 13th pick, but when they picked Lee Evans we didn't know what was going to happen," Losman said. "Everyone's been telling me this Green Bay and St. Louis type thing, so I was kind of shaky, and I didn't know. But when Buffalo traded up with Dallas, my eyes kind of opened up and my heart started pounding. Then they called my name, and it was just a sigh of relief."'

Marker Cowboys trade top pick but still fill need [5:05 AM]
Dallas Morning News reports: 'About 90 minutes before the Cowboys were supposed to make their first-round pick, Buffalo president/GM Tom Donahoe phoned the Cowboys and talked about giving Dallas its first-round pick next year in exchange for the 22nd pick Saturday. Eventually, Donahoe offered Dallas second- and fifth-round picks in this draft and the first-round pick in 2005. After making the deal, Jerry Jones and Parcells each smiled broadly as they stepped out of the draft room to munch on brisket, sausage and fajitas. "They baited the trap with cheese," Jones said of the Bills' offer.'

Marker Back flip [5:04 AM]
Fort Worth Star Telegram reports: 'Taking advantage of a surprising offer from the Buffalo Bills, the Cowboys traded down from the 22nd slot for three picks -- a second-round choice (43rd overall) which they used to draft Notre Dame running back Julius Jones; a fifth-rounder today; and a first-rounder in 2005.'

Marker Cowboys up after trading down [5:03 AM]
San Antonio Express News reports: 'In a move that drew immediate criticism from disappointed fans, Dallas traded its first-round pick Saturday to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for the 12th pick in the second round (43rd overall), the 12th pick in the fifth round (83rd overall) and the Bills' first-round pick in 2005. The swap gave the Cowboys six picks for this year's draft, one more than they started the day with. More importantly, it gave them two first-round picks to play with in next year's draft.'

Marker Bills help and hurt Bledsoe [5:02 AM]
Boston Herald reports: 'Why Losman? ``We had four quarterbacks with first-round grades,'' Donahoe said. ``Once we made our first pick (on Evans) we started looking for ways to get back into the first round to get J.P. He's got arm strength. He's competitive. He's also a fiery competitor, something that has rubbed people the wrong way. But I like the fact that people don't like his personality. He's a competitor and will try to stick in everybody's face.'''

Marker Bills make aggressive moves with additions to offense [5:01 AM]
Providence Journal reports: 'The Bills are in a situation with Drew Bledsoe. He has an option in November that, if the Bills pick it up, will kick in the next tier of his contract. Buffalo would like to rework Bledsoe's deal and he's so far been unwilling. If they don't pick up the option, Bledsoe will be a free agent at the end of the year and Losman may be the successor.'

Marker Wyche should find himself busy in Buffalo [4:59 AM]
Greenville News reports: '"The important thing," Wyche said, "is that you get the ball there, and J.P. will get it there. He has good technique, so I don't agree at all with what they said, but at the same time, I'm one of those who always believed that if a guy has lousy technique and still puts the ball where you want it, the best thing you can do is try not to screw him up."'

Marker Tillman's death resounds with Kalsu kin [4:58 AM]
Denver Post reports: '"There was a myriad of things running through my mind," Kalsu said. "I remember when Pat Tillman joined the Army. I was, frankly, taken aback by it. First of all, you wouldn't think that many of today's pro athletes would make that decision. At that time I thought, 'What a man of conviction, to be able to walk away from a life where he was so revered and in the limelight. That's a man who has his priorities straight.' Just like my father."'

Marker Cowboys seemed to be drafting for next year [4:57 AM]
ESPN reports: 'The Buffalo Bills, meanwhile, are sending mixed vibes. The Lee Evans selection at the 13th pick was a great one. They balanced the value of the defensive linemen available in the first and second rounds versus the receivers of the top two rounds and grabbed a No. 2 receiver to go with Eric Moulds. But the J.P. Losman move was baffling. Losman might have not gone in the first round. Giving away a first-rounder next year along with three other choices was too much. Sure, that's an aggressive mentality, but those moves are only setting the stage for replacing players at already good positions. Willis McGahee was taken last year to eventually knock out Travis Henry. Losman may knock out Drew Bledsoe after this year.'

Marker Day 1 winners and losers [4:56 AM]
Fox Sports reports: 'Winners: Buffalo Bills.'

Marker Evans' knee not an issue for Bills [4:55 AM]
AP reports: '"You didn't see it in his play," rookie coach Mike Mularkey said. "I went back and looked three years ago to compare if there was any difference in his play. And, no, he didn't have a drop off, I don't think."'

Marker Transcript: Bills Select DT Tim Anderson [4:54 AM] reports: 'One of the true signs of his character and toughness in the workout was that at the time he had a slight hamstring problem, and he said he was going to do all the running stuff except the forty yard dash. He was going to do that at the end of the workout. We worked him really hard in the field drills and my position drill that I did with him. I did not think he would even run a forty because he was gassed. To his credit and his toughness in character he ran a 4.9 forty after everything. There was no problem with is hamstring. He got through everything just fine. He wanted to prove to everybody that he will hold up.'

Marker Transcript: DT Tim Anderson [4:53 AM] reports: 'On knowledge of Buffalo: Not really a whole lot. I know we have a couple of ex-Buckeyes in the defensive backfield. A lot of their games aren't aired here in Ohio, so I really don't have a real good grasp of them, but I'm definitely looking forward to learning about them.'

Marker Transcript: Drafy Day One Wrap Up [4:52 AM] reports: 'We still have the second part of the draft to go, but we're pleased with what we were able to do today. We've been talking since the end of last season that we've wanted to get a mentally and physically tougher football team. The people we took today address that, and they're talented football players as well. We're excited to have them, and they're excited to be Buffalo Bills.'

Marker Bills Conclude Busy First Day [4:51 AM] reports: 'Losman has been praised for his arm strength as well as his preparation and knowledge of the game. Scouts have criticized Losman for throwing off-balance on occasion, but Bills Head Coach Mike Mularkey does not see a problem with it. "Yes, he throws some balls off balance, and they're complete so it really doesn't matter," Mularkey said. "Sometimes you don't step the right way to make the block, as long as you make the block, who cares how you step?"'

Marker Third Round: Tim Anderson [4:50 AM] reports: 'Three-year starter who is a tough, competitive football player with a blue-collar mentality.'

Marker Bills Grab Speedy Big Ten Receiver [4:49 AM] reports: '"He (Evans) is appealing in his speed and his ability to make big plays," Bills President and General Manager Tom Donahoe said. "We felt that he was a complete receiver. There are a lot of guys that are fast who struggle catching the ball. Lee is a fast guy who can catch. That's a nice combination to have."'

Marker The price is right [4:48 AM]
Pro Football Weekly reports: 'This was a need pick for the Bills, but it shouldn’t be seen as too much of a reach. Yes, Evans was thought to be a late first-round pick a month ago, but his stock has soared in recent weeks as he proved to NFL teams that his knee is fully healed after tearing ligaments in the spring of 2002. In fact, Evans ran the 40 in the 4.3s and showed great hands, great toughness and strength in his workouts. He also showed during his college career that he’s a big-time playmaker.'

Marker QB of the future [4:47 AM]
Pro Football Weekly reports: 'He has some flaws in his footwork and the way he sometimes forces throws, but those are correctable. It will serve him well to mentor under Drew Bledsoe for a season. With the weapons now in place — RBs Travis Henry and Willis McGahee, WRs Eric Moulds, Josh Reed and Evans — the Bills have the makings of an explosive offense for several years for Losman to work with.'

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April 24, 2004

Marker How they did in the draft [8:05 PM]
AP reports: 'Buffalo must believe J.P. Losman of Tulane is the next Jim Kelly, because the Bills surrendered their 2005 first-rounder and a second and a fifth this year to get the 22nd overall slot. After giving up so much, the Bills better be getting a future star. And they also made a serious reach for WR Lee Evans at 13th overall. That shows how badly new coach Mike Mularkey wants to upgrade the offense immediately.'

Marker Transcript: WR Lee Evans [7:57 PM] reports: 'I know Nate Clements. We competed in high school together. He went to Ohio State so we also competed in college together, so I know Nate a little bit. Coming in on my visit I was able to meet with a few other people. Some of the people that work in the scouting department are from Cleveland and so I know a little bit. I know Coach Mularkey was over at Pittsburgh for a while and I've seen some things that he did over there. So I'm a little familiar with it but I've still got a little bit to go.'

Marker Transcript: Bills Select QB J.P. Losman [7:57 PM] reports: 'When we did our board and we had some quarterbacks that we liked, we had a lot of players that we liked, but we had four quarterbacks that we thought were first round talents. We felt strongly that we wanted to add to our speed at the receiver position. We did that and as soon as we made our pick we began to explore the possibility of trying to get back into the first round to pick J.P. We were fortunate to be able to do it. We called just about every team from our pick on and proposed a trade to them. Finally we were able to get it done with Dallas.'

Marker Transcript: QB J.P. Losman [7:56 PM] reports: 'They told me to keep my eyes open for Buffalo with the 13th pick, but when they picked Lee Evans we didn't know what was going to happen. Everyone's been telling me this Green Bay and St. Louis type thing so I was kind of shaky and I didn't know. But when Buffalo traded up with Dallas my eyes kind of opened up and my heart started pounding and then they called my name and it was just a sigh of relief.'

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