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Buffalo Bills News - July 2, 1999

Marker Lakeview's Stocz Catching On With Bills [11:32 AM]
Warren T-C reports:

Marker Buffalo corner showing promise [11:31 AM]
The Sporting News reports: A couple of paragraphs down the Sporting News actually has something _good_ to say about the Bills! Amazing.

Marker No Titles, Just Misery For Buffalo [11:30 AM]
AJ-C reports: "It used to be fun and convenient to ridicule Buffalo. But so deep is its big-game disappointment that all the joy has been drained from that exercise. With what happened this weekend, we have crossed over into pity."

Marker Bills Sign Rookie Jackson [11:29 AM]
D & C reports:

Marker AFC team player Salaries [11:28 AM]
USA Today reports:

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July 1, 1999

Marker Smith's Salary Falls In The Middle Of Bills' Defensive Starters [1:18 PM]
D & C reports: Let's hope Bruuuuce doesn't read this one.

June 17, 1999

Marker Kelly Thanks Legislators For Helping Ailing Son [1:18 PM]
D & C reports:

Marker Reed it and weep [1:17 PM]
ESPNet reports:

Marker AFC Roster Changes [1:17 PM]
ESPNet reports:

Marker Did Cowboys violate the cap? [1:16 PM]
AP reports: More questionable activity from the Dallas Cowboys? I don't believe that anyone associated with that organization would DO such a thing!

Marker Title-starved residents would love taste of Stanley Cup [1:16 PM]
FW Star-Telegram reports: "The people here [in Buffalo] have stuck by their teams," [Rob] Ray said. "This is a hard-working, blue-collar town, and it would be great to finally give them a championship."

Marker Rick Gosselin's NFL off-season ratings [1:15 PM]
Dallas News reports: "The Bills may be the most complete team in the NFL..." vs. "The Dolphins will run the ball." Yet, Miami & the Jets are picked higher. Looks like the reporters are again whetting their appetite for a heaping serving of crow!

Marker Hopes Put on Ice [1:14 PM]
Dallas News reports: Says BillsBeat contributor Rose-So. Ca. Bills Backers: ""Anguish over four Super Bowl losses leaves Buffalo wary of hockey fever." A Stanley Cup Championship won't erase the Super Bowl losses, but would bring a small taste of sweet revenge for underdog Buffalo vs. the evil Dallas Stars."

Marker A Look at Yesteryear [1:14 PM]
TBD reports:

Marker Most Bills Vets In Pre-Camp 15 Weeks Before Season [1:13 PM]
D & C reports:

Marker Chat with Pete Metzelaars [1:13 PM]
ESPNet reports: What a great guy. True class.

Marker Hobert hopes to change luck [1:12 PM]
AP reports: "Hobert, a journeyman who was with Oakland and Buffalo, was cut by the Bills when he admitted after a loss that he hadn't studied the playbook. He was headed home when the Saints decided maybe he could help them."

Marker Buffalo Sabres Alumni Association [1:12 PM]
N/A reports: Listen to old songs, buy classic merchandise, relive your youth!

Marker Teams might flock to Phillips [1:11 PM]
ESPNet reports: "In Bicknell's 40 years of coaching, Phillips is the greatest pure football player he has had aside from Doug Flutie."

Marker INSIDE SLANT - June 2, 1999 [1:10 PM]
FOX reports:

Marker Coverage Of NHL Playoffs Carries A Hometown Flavor [1:10 PM]
Business First of Buffalo reports: The second half of the article is a commentary comparing Doug Flutie and Eric Moulds (like there is any comparison!)

Marker 80 Man Roster: An Analysis [1:09 PM]
TBD reports:

Marker Ins and Outs [1:09 PM]
TBD reports:

Marker Area business leaders will keep backing Bills [1:08 PM]
D & C reports: "A year ago, a committee of influential Buffalo businessmen teamed up to help keep the Buffalo Bills in Western New York. Recognizing the economic benefits and that much work remains, Business Backs the Bills will become a permanent committee which will expand to include representation from cities throughout the region."

Marker Game Plan To End Bills Blackouts: Ticket Sales [1:07 PM]
D & C reports:

Marker Fisher Confirms It Talked With Bills [1:07 PM]
D & C reports:

Marker Moving Camp To Rochester May Be Right Step For Bills [1:06 PM]
Business First of Buffalo reports:

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