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Buffalo Bills News - July 15, 1999

Marker Ranking NFL Tight Ends [11:15 AM]
The Sporting News reports: After signing Friggin' Lonnie, KC's TE squad ranks #7 in the NFL and Buffalo's ranks 23rd. Oh, why did we have to let Lonnie go? Will we ever make it without his tremendous talent? This fan is depressed and confused.

Marker Inside Slant - July 14, 1999 [10:09 AM]
Fox Sports reports: Discusses Buffalo's apparent lack of faith in Antowain given the interest in LP.

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July 14, 1999

Marker Buffalo RBs rank well against other NFL teams [2:52 PM]
The Sporting News reports: Both Thurman Thomas and Sam Gash are mentioned as some of the best RBs in their role in the NFL. They also rank Buffalo's entire RB unit as 8th in the NFL, even though last year they finished 3rd in the NFL in actual stats."

"On a side note, Miami ranked very poorly and has the makings of another sub-par season running the ball. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

July 13, 1999

Marker Sheldon Jackson shows his flare on and off the field [4:09 PM]
Excite Sports reports:

Marker Empire's Millenium Moments [11:11 AM]
ESN reports: Empire Sports is publishing RealPlayer videos that highlight past events in Buffalo sports history. See Fred Smerlas, OJ Simpson, and many more!!!

Marker Bills Sign Draft Pick Collins [10:52 AM] reports:

Marker Bills sign Collins [9:21 AM] reports: Buffalo has signed rookie TE Bobby Collins. That's 3 picks signed so far!

July 12, 1999

Marker Ralph Wilson Stadium Renovations Continue On Schedule [3:22 PM] reports: "Fans will also notice a remarkable upgrade in the Stadiumís audio quality with the installation of an entirely new sound system. Sound will now emanate from multiple speakers atop the upper deck restroom towers in addition to the main scoreboard. The Stadiumís lighting systems have also undergone a transformation and will brighter than before."

Marker Top NFL QBs [2:19 PM]
The Sporting News reports: This article lists Rob Johnson as the 2nd best backup in the NFL. Mentions his 102.6 passer rating in 6 starts. Guess who didn't make the list? Hint: He plays for a coach with the initials "PFS". Article also ranks Buffalo's entire QB unit as 5th best in the NFL - better than any other team in the AFC East.

July 11, 1999

Marker Buffalo Bills Team Report - JULY 10, 1999 [12:00 AM]
The Sporting News reports: Training camp report. Decent article - but not much new news here. Good summary of Buffalo's outlook heading into camp.

July 9, 1999

Marker Drumming up a hobby [2:00 PM] reports:

Marker Bills' Site Search Turns To RIT, UR [6:30 AM]
D & C reports: St. John Fisher is still in the lead. Russ Brandon is a graduate of Fisher, so expect to see more effort made in that direction. All in all, this looks like it could be a great marketing idea on the Bills part.

July 7, 1999

Marker Inside Slant - July 7, 1999 [5:06 PM]
Fox Sports reports: A more in-depth look at Buffalo's interest in LP. Buffalo still seems somewhat hesitant, which in my mind is a good thing.

Marker Bills Attorney Tobia Passes On [4:20 PM]
ESN reports: "The Bills and Buffalo suffered a big loss Wednesday morning when it was disclosed that long time Bills attorney, Vincent Tobia, passed away following a heart attack."

Marker Jets receiver launching breakfast cereal [4:04 PM]
AP reports: New York Jets receiver Wayne Chrebet has an answer for Flutie Flakes: "Chrebet Crunch". It should be an all bran cereal to go with this crappy franchise.

Marker Inside the NFL [3:50 PM]
CNN/SI reports: Miami receivers coach Robert Ford said, "If we can keep our receivers healthy and out of jail, we should be fine." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Marker A New Breed of Receiver is Upon us [1:15 PM]
The Sporting News reports: Included in the report is a nice paragraph on Eric Moulds.

Marker Same old malarkey from JJ [11:05 AM]
The Sporting News reports: TBD regular Todd Vallie sets TSN straight on yet another year of high Dolphin expectations.

July 6, 1999

Marker Bills, UPS, and Libraries Team up for Reading Program [2:34 PM] reports: "The Buffalo Bills Youth Foundation, in cooperation with UPS, Just Buffalo Literary Center, Buffalo and Erie County Public Libraries and the Nioga Library System unveiled The Buffalo Bills/UPS Summer Reading Program on Wednesday."

Marker Bills Launch 12th Man Walk of Fame [2:32 PM] reports: "The Buffalo Bills Youth Foundation broke ground today on the 12th Man Walk of Fame. The new brick walkway will be located inside Gate 2 at Ralph Wilson Stadium and will allow fans and businesses the opportunity to purchase personalized bricks, which will then be featured on the Walk. The proceeds from the walkway will benefit the Bills Youth Foundation and its youth football initiative."

Marker Exclusive Interview with WR Kamil Loud [2:00 PM]
TBD reports: An avid TBD reader submits his personal interview with WR Kamil Loud.

Marker Itís Not a Flute for Flutie, but Rather the Drums [1:57 PM]
SCN reports: "Following in the footsteps of such athlete-singers as Shaquille OíNeill, Scott Radinsky, and Jack McDowell, Doug Flutie and his brother Darren have found success in the music field as well as on the athletic fields."

Marker ESPN Insider NFC Report (Premium $$$ Service) [11:28 AM]
ESPNet reports: The report claims that Phillips has backed away from the Pack and is "appparently" deciding between the Raiders and (sigh) the Bills. Here's a strong wish that the Bills STAY AWAY from Phillips.

Marker Smaller by the day [10:56 AM]
Business First of Buffalo reports: Although this is not a Bills related article, it may be of some interest to the masses. The latest Census report shows declines in the region's 11 largest communities. The city of Buffalo leads the population decline.

Marker Buffalo Bills Team Report - JULY 2, 1999 [10:28 AM]
The Sporting News reports: This team report has good things to say about the Phillips without a criminal record, and has bad things to say about the Phillips with a sizeable rap-sheet. Many Bills fans will tend to agree on both points.

Marker Buffalo Notes - July 6, 1999 [10:24 AM]
TBD reports: This edition covers the Bills, Sabres, Destroyers, Bisons, and other Buffalo related topics. Enjoy!

Marker Phillips looks for a final Ďlastí chance [8:02 AM]
MSNBC reports: More about LP. Buffalo isn't mentioned, but there's a funny anecdote about all-world classy guy Jimmy Johnson.

July 3, 1999

Marker Hey, Bills! There's No Way Phillips Is Worth The Risk [12:00 PM]
D & C reports: Matthews makes some very good points in this one. Title says it all.

July 2, 1999

Marker Bills admit to having interest in Phillips, despite past [11:36 AM]
D & C reports: Key quote from this article: "There's interest, yeah, but we're always looking for outstanding players to help this team and if he meets all our criteria." Unless the usually stringent criteria have changed, there's no way he'll be offered a contract.

Marker A Letter From A City That Embraces Chicken Wings & SB Losses [11:35 AM]
National Post reports:

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