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Buffalo Bills News - July 7, 1999

Marker Inside the NFL [3:50 PM]
CNN/SI reports: Miami receivers coach Robert Ford said, "If we can keep our receivers healthy and out of jail, we should be fine." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Marker A New Breed of Receiver is Upon us [1:15 PM]
The Sporting News reports: Included in the report is a nice paragraph on Eric Moulds.

Marker Same old malarkey from JJ [11:05 AM]
The Sporting News reports: TBD regular Todd Vallie sets TSN straight on yet another year of high Dolphin expectations.

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July 6, 1999

Marker Bills, UPS, and Libraries Team up for Reading Program [2:34 PM] reports: "The Buffalo Bills Youth Foundation, in cooperation with UPS, Just Buffalo Literary Center, Buffalo and Erie County Public Libraries and the Nioga Library System unveiled The Buffalo Bills/UPS Summer Reading Program on Wednesday."

Marker Bills Launch 12th Man Walk of Fame [2:32 PM] reports: "The Buffalo Bills Youth Foundation broke ground today on the 12th Man Walk of Fame. The new brick walkway will be located inside Gate 2 at Ralph Wilson Stadium and will allow fans and businesses the opportunity to purchase personalized bricks, which will then be featured on the Walk. The proceeds from the walkway will benefit the Bills Youth Foundation and its youth football initiative."

Marker Exclusive Interview with WR Kamil Loud [2:00 PM]
TBD reports: An avid TBD reader submits his personal interview with WR Kamil Loud.

Marker It’s Not a Flute for Flutie, but Rather the Drums [1:57 PM]
SCN reports: "Following in the footsteps of such athlete-singers as Shaquille O’Neill, Scott Radinsky, and Jack McDowell, Doug Flutie and his brother Darren have found success in the music field as well as on the athletic fields."

Marker ESPN Insider NFC Report (Premium $$$ Service) [11:28 AM]
ESPNet reports: The report claims that Phillips has backed away from the Pack and is "appparently" deciding between the Raiders and (sigh) the Bills. Here's a strong wish that the Bills STAY AWAY from Phillips.

Marker Smaller by the day [10:56 AM]
Business First of Buffalo reports: Although this is not a Bills related article, it may be of some interest to the masses. The latest Census report shows declines in the region's 11 largest communities. The city of Buffalo leads the population decline.

Marker Buffalo Bills Team Report - JULY 2, 1999 [10:28 AM]
The Sporting News reports: This team report has good things to say about the Phillips without a criminal record, and has bad things to say about the Phillips with a sizeable rap-sheet. Many Bills fans will tend to agree on both points.

Marker Buffalo Notes - July 6, 1999 [10:24 AM]
TBD reports: This edition covers the Bills, Sabres, Destroyers, Bisons, and other Buffalo related topics. Enjoy!

Marker Phillips looks for a final ‘last’ chance [8:02 AM]
MSNBC reports: More about LP. Buffalo isn't mentioned, but there's a funny anecdote about all-world classy guy Jimmy Johnson.

July 3, 1999

Marker Hey, Bills! There's No Way Phillips Is Worth The Risk [12:00 PM]
D & C reports: Matthews makes some very good points in this one. Title says it all.

July 2, 1999

Marker Bills admit to having interest in Phillips, despite past [11:36 AM]
D & C reports: Key quote from this article: "There's interest, yeah, but we're always looking for outstanding players to help this team and if he meets all our criteria." Unless the usually stringent criteria have changed, there's no way he'll be offered a contract.

Marker A Letter From A City That Embraces Chicken Wings & SB Losses [11:35 AM]
National Post reports:

Marker Bills Invest In Community Marketing Plan [11:34 AM]
Business First of Buffalo reports: Good article on the Bills' efforts to invest in the community and become better corporate citezens. Looks like good news to this Bills fan!

Marker NFL sues Coors, Players Inc. [11:34 AM]
CNN/SI reports: Bad Coors! Bad, bad, bad Coors!

Marker NFL's worst bargain teams [11:33 AM]
CBS Sportsline reports: Hmmm, let's see... One of these players is gone, and two are kickers who work in RWS' swirling winds. Yeah, this guy did his research. Especially telling is the lack of friggin' Lonnie from the list.

Marker Lakeview's Stocz Catching On With Bills [11:32 AM]
Warren T-C reports:

Marker Buffalo corner showing promise [11:31 AM]
The Sporting News reports: A couple of paragraphs down the Sporting News actually has something _good_ to say about the Bills! Amazing.

Marker No Titles, Just Misery For Buffalo [11:30 AM]
AJ-C reports: "It used to be fun and convenient to ridicule Buffalo. But so deep is its big-game disappointment that all the joy has been drained from that exercise. With what happened this weekend, we have crossed over into pity."

Marker Bills Sign Rookie Jackson [11:29 AM]
D & C reports:

Marker AFC team player Salaries [11:28 AM]
USA Today reports:

July 1, 1999

Marker Smith's Salary Falls In The Middle Of Bills' Defensive Starters [1:18 PM]
D & C reports: Let's hope Bruuuuce doesn't read this one.

June 17, 1999

Marker Kelly Thanks Legislators For Helping Ailing Son [1:18 PM]
D & C reports:

Marker Reed it and weep [1:17 PM]
ESPNet reports:

Marker AFC Roster Changes [1:17 PM]
ESPNet reports:

Marker Did Cowboys violate the cap? [1:16 PM]
AP reports: More questionable activity from the Dallas Cowboys? I don't believe that anyone associated with that organization would DO such a thing!

Marker Title-starved residents would love taste of Stanley Cup [1:16 PM]
FW Star-Telegram reports: "The people here [in Buffalo] have stuck by their teams," [Rob] Ray said. "This is a hard-working, blue-collar town, and it would be great to finally give them a championship."

Marker Rick Gosselin's NFL off-season ratings [1:15 PM]
Dallas News reports: "The Bills may be the most complete team in the NFL..." vs. "The Dolphins will run the ball." Yet, Miami & the Jets are picked higher. Looks like the reporters are again whetting their appetite for a heaping serving of crow!

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