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Buffalo Bills News - November 13, 2000

Marker Crowd roars for Rob [7:45 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'Just as they did four weeks ago when Johnson separated his shoulder, Bills fans had a chance to take sides with a public display in this quarterback controversy, roaring with approval as Flutie was held back.'

Marker Johnson will start against Chiefs [7:44 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'After what he has seen the past month, Rob Johnson knows as long as he and Doug Flutie are in Buffalo there will be no real peace.'

Marker More pain, no gain [7:44 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'So much for the quarterback controversy. For that matter, so much for the rest of the season.'

Marker Miller on McNown: He'll be great [7:43 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: '"Cade is going to be a great quarterback. I'll be the first one to say that. His physical skills are second to none."'

Marker Miller confident he'll rebound [7:42 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: '"Things like this have just happened in my career. They're character builders and I know I'll come back stronger. All I can do is heal up."'

Marker Good defense? Don't tell Bears [7:41 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'The defense had held the Buffalo Bills to 299 total yards and allowed only 13 points despite four turnovers in the second half by the Bears offense. They did not allow the Bills a first down in the fourth quarter.'

Marker When good luck was passed out, Miller was absent [7:40 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'Sometimes you wonder if God is telling Miller that his purpose isn't to be a starting QB.'

Marker The Buffalo ills [7:38 AM]
Chicago Sun Times reports: 'As usual, disaster struck just when things seemed to be looking up for the Bears.'

Marker Urlacher keeps fans tuning in [7:38 AM]
Chicago Sun Times reports: 'Rookie middle linebacker Brian Urlacher was at his omnipresent best again Sunday, turning up so often you'd swear he'd been cloned. Officially, Urlacher was credited with 14 tackles, but seemed to have that many in the first half alone.'

Marker Former teammate Moulds gets best of Smith [7:37 AM]
Chicago Sun Times reports: '"You can give the edge to him," Smith said. "He caught two plays when I was on him and made some great catches on them."'

Marker Flutie leads Bills to win - but Johnson will return next week [7:36 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: 'It's hard to keep things interesting in Buffalo, but Bills coach Wade Phillips does his best to spark the masses.'

Marker Adding injury to insult [7:35 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: 'Any chance the Bears had of salvaging some respectability from a disappointing season probably ended when quarterback Jim Miller suffered a torn left Achilles' tendon with 5:20 left in the first half Sunday.'

Marker On an otherwise dreary day, defense shines [7:34 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: 'Against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, the defense made a game of it when the offense offered only 3 points the entire day.'

Marker Robinson wants no part of any moral victories [7:33 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: 'Only twice this season have the Bears permitted fewer than the 299 total yards they surrendered against the Bills (276 vs. the Lions and 298 against the Eagles), but it wasn't good enough to prevent another defeat.'

Marker Painful step for Bears [7:32 AM]
Tinley Park Daily Southtown reports: 'Jim Miller's season officially ended Sunday.'

Marker Matthews takes reins, feeling Miller's pain [7:31 AM]
Tinley Park Daily Southtown reports: 'More than sympathy, it was empathy that moved Shane Matthews to Jim Miller's side Sunday.'

Marker Bears Notebook [7:30 AM]
Tinley Park Daily Southtown reports: 'The Bears are paying Thomas Smith big bucks to stop the opponent's top receiver, something the veteran cornerback failed to do in Sunday's 20-3 loss to Buffalo.'

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November 12, 2000

Marker Bills 20, Bears 3 [4:23 PM]
AP reports: 'With Rob Johnson breathing down his neck, Doug Flutie staked another claim to being the Buffalo Bills' starting quarterback.'

Marker Bills 20, Bears 3 [4:00 PM]
Sportsticker reports: .

Marker Buffalo honors former player who died in Vietnam [3:57 PM]
AP reports: '"The Buffalo Bills organization has supported us. When we were crumbled with grief they were there to pick us up and wrap their arms around us and remember Bob," [Jan] Kalsu McLaughlin said.'

Marker 'Air Bears' can be dangerous, despite record [9:23 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Buffalo Bills' defense has excelled at making offenses one-dimensional this season. Today it faces an opponent that is used to being one-dimensional.'

Marker Package goods [9:21 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The 350-pound, 32-year-old Washington has rebounded from what was a down year by his standards in 1999. He's on pace for 109 tackles, his best total since '97, and an impressive figure given the fact he is spelled by his backup, Williams, roughly 12 to 15 plays a game.'

Marker Elvis sighted - at Bills games, at least [9:20 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Behind the polyester jumpsuit, sunglasses, sideburns and guitar of maybe the most distinctive fan in Ralph Wilson Stadium during the Buffalo Bills season can be found a 38-year-old Lockport salesman.'

Marker Bills would look silly giving Miller time to throw the ball [9:19 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Outlook: The Bills desperately need a win today, because the schedule the next month is a bear. . . . Bills, 24-17.'

Marker Bills players don't care who's playing QB position [8:47 AM]
Olean Times Herald reports: '"If Rob's in there, I catch passes. If Doug's in there I catch passes. If they put (backup tight end) Bobby Collins at quarterback and he can throw it ... let's get it done."'

Marker QB controversy still distracts Bills [7:43 AM]
Indianapolis Star reports: 'What happens next, and what it means to the Bills, is anybody's guess. But it can't be good for the overall psyche of a team trying to work its way back into the AFC East race.'

Marker Jauron wants to 'stack' a few Bears victories [7:31 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'In Jauron's two seasons as their coach, the Bears are 1-6 after victories.'

Marker Bills lost to Colts, so they're wary of Bears [7:29 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'Q -- Didn't the Bills expect to be better than 5-4? A -- They lost Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Kurt Schulz and Thomas Smith all at the same time, so they suspected there might be a transition period. They lost consecutive games to the Jets, Colts and Dolphins but believe they have righted the ship.'

Marker Rushing attempts [6:23 AM]
Chicago Sun Times reports: 'Allen had 16 carries for 85 yards in a victory last week against the Colts, one of three teams in the NFL (along with the Ravens and Bills) that have not allowed a 100-yard rusher this season. The Bears haven't had a 100-yard rusher in 26 games.'

Marker Bears' Smith hoping to bite hand that once fed him [6:20 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: '"It's a very good stadium for the home team, very loud, great fans, some of the greatest fans in football. They get to tailgate before the game, eat, drink and be merry. By the time they get into the game, they're excited, they really are. They're very exciting fans, and they really create a 12th man in the stadium."'

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