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Buffalo Bills News - February 3, 2002

Marker Kelly's prayers answered [5:17 AM]
Dallas Morning News reports: '"John was the first one to win the Super Bowl out that class [of 1983]," Kelly said. "At least I can say I'm the first one to make it to the Hall of Fame."'

Marker Kelly's Hall honor comes at good time [5:16 AM]
Houston Chronicle reports: 'With Houston prepared to re-enter the NFL this summer, there were memories of a long-ago era stirred Saturday when quarterback Jim Kelly became the first member of the late, great United States Football League to be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.'

Marker Similarities abound between '90 Bills and this year's Rams [5:15 AM]
Fox Sports reports: 'Where Martz has quarterback Kurt Warner, the Bills had Jim Kelly. He was elected to the Hall of Fame on Saturday, and he should have been. All he did was lead these guys to four straight Super Bowls, and I don't care that they lost. They were one of the best two teams four consecutive years, and that just doesn't happen these days.'

Marker Kelly gets his just reward [12:52 AM] reports: I had believed all along that Jim Kelly was an obvious choice for the Hall's selection committee. But having twice been a part of its annual Super Bowl meeting through the years, I also knew that what might seem obvious to one person is not even a remote consideration to another. I learned to expect the unexpected.

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February 2, 2002

Marker Kelly's election makes case for other Bills [10:35 PM]
ESPN reports: '"The main guy that kept the Buffalo Bills together, the guy who that was able to rally us every single year from those Super Bowls was Marv Levy -- God bless him," Kelly said. "He's the guy who allowed me to be the person that I am -- being able to go out there and take total control of an offense."'

Marker Kelly selected to Hall of Fame [6:30 PM] reports: Kelly's induction marks the third time in four years that a Bill has entered the Hall. He follows three former Bills already enshrined, O.J. Simpson (1985), Billy Shaw (1999), and Marv Levy (2001).

Marker Kelly, Stallworth Among 5 Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame [4:02 PM]
Bloomberg reports: '"I didn't look at this game as a business, I looked at it as fun," Kelly said. "I don't think there's anybody out there that enjoyed playing the quarterback position as much as I did."'

Marker Jim Kelly Heads Hall of Fame Class of 2002 [4:01 PM]
Reuters reports: 'Kelly, whose team lost all four Super Bowls, was the only one elected in his first year of eligibility, the 51st player and eighth quarterback so honored at the first opportunity.'

Marker Kelly, Stallworth, Hampton, Casper, Allen make Hall of Fame [3:13 PM]
AP reports: '"Wow!" said Kelly, the only one of the five in his first year of eligibility for the Hall of Fame. "I don't think I've ever been as nervous in my life."'

Marker Kelly elected, Parcells snubbed again for Hall of Fame [3:12 PM]
Sportsticker reports: 'A strong-armed passer with a linebacker's mentality, Kelly rewrote most of the Bills' passing records and led the team to the playoffs eight times in his 11 years with the team from 1986-96.'

Marker Jim Kelly Biography [1:17 PM] reports: 'A strong-armed passer with a "linebacker's mentality," Kelly lived up to his advance billing, as he virtually rewrote the Bills' record book for quarterbacks. Only three players in NFL history had reached the 30,000-yard career passing mark faster. Eight times during his NFL career he passed for more than 3,000 yards in a season, and twenty-six times he passed for more than 300 yards in a game. On September 13, 1992, in a 34-31 shootout victory over the Steve Young-led San Francisco 49ers, Kelly passed for a career-high 403 yards.'

Marker Jim Kelly, Class of 2002 [1:15 PM] reports: 'Kelly's induction marks the third time in four years that a Bill has entered the Hall. He follows three former Bills already enshrined, O.J. Simpson (1985), Billy Shaw (1999), and Marv Levy (2001).'

Marker Hall of Fame Class of 2002 [1:12 PM] reports: 'The 2002 Class of Enshrinees was announced from New Orleans just moments ago. The new class is George Allen, Dave Casper, Dan Hampton, Jim Kelly, and John Stallworth.'

Marker Rams give more looks than '90 Bills [9:21 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"To me the major difference between Buffalo and St. Louis would be that the '90 Buffalo team was a team that ran usually only one formation, sometimes two. No huddle. Their pace was very quick. It was a tempo offense."'

Marker Van Pelt's perseverance finally pays [9:19 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"It's set up that if I am the No. 1 quarterback the majority of the season or the whole season I'll be paid as if I'm a low-end starting quarterback," said Van Pelt, who earned the veteran's minimum of $477,000 last season. "If I don't, I'll make the minimum. It's the best of both worlds for both people."'

Marker Area Fans Cast Their Hall Of Fame Vote For Kelly [9:17 AM]
Jamestown Post Journal reports: '"He's Buffalo's most centralized sports figure. You can put him right up there with (Buffalo Sabre Hall of Famer) Gil Perreault. You think maybe the drawbacks of not winning one of those four Super Bowls might have something to do with it. But they won a lot of AFC Championships and they won a lot of games."'

Marker Jim Kelly, dad could share joy [5:27 AM]
D and C reports: 'If the voters' judgment hasn't been impaired by too many Hurricanes on Bourbon Street, Kelly will be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And, if that happens, no one will be prouder than Papa Joe.'

Marker Luck favors HOF hopefuls Kelly, Modell, Guy [5:25 AM]
D and C reports: 'The list of finalists for today's Pro Football Hall of Fame selection is the weakest in many years and a minimum of four men must be chosen.'

Marker Stallworth, Kelly favored to enter Hall [5:24 AM]
Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports: 'Levy noted one more thing about Kelly. "Tell me someone who called his own plays? All through our no-huddle days, he was our play-caller. He had to master a lot. If he gets in, I'll be as excited as I was last year."'

Marker Super failures should pass with Hall call [5:16 AM]
Kittanning Leader Times reports: 'To pigeonhole Kelly for four bad games, no matter how large the spotlight, is short-sighted. Leading a team to four straight Super Bowls is a record that, in this era of parity, may never be equalled and should be the focus of any career retrospective.'

February 1, 2002

Marker Rams-Bills analogy a stretch at best [8:51 PM] reports: There are a lot of similarities between Super Bowl XXV & Super Bowl XXXVI. The nation is at war. Security surrounding the event is tight. Both teams had only one week to prepare for the game after winning their conference championships.

And a leading storyline is how an underrated but solid defense will attempt to stop a prolific offense.

Marker A Matter of Feet [7:08 PM]
Washington City Paper reports: 'A lot of folks from Buffalo will tell you that had Norwood made his kick, the Bills not only would have beaten the Giants but would have gone on to win several more Super Bowls. And the Sabres would have won a Stanley Cup. And the city of Buffalo would have enjoyed the very same prosperity that every other American town enjoyed during the '90s. But the boot went wide right by just a few feet. And the Bills lost three more Super Bowls. And the Sabres got cheated out of a Stanley Cup on a bogus goal by the Dallas Stars. And downtown Buffalo still looks like the Land the Clinton-Gore Economy Forgot. All because of Norwood.'

Marker Kelly for the Hall of Fame [7:04 PM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Even more impressive than the numbers, though, was the aura that accompanied him when he walked onto a football field. With No. 12 behind center, the fans and his teammates always felt he would find a way to win.'

Marker Buffalo Bills sign James Cotton of CFL [1:39 PM]
AP reports: 'Cotton is believed to have signed for the NFL minimum of $212,000.'

Marker How can the Patriots win? [12:43 PM]
ESPN reports: So, how can the Patriots win? No turnovers and a consistent running game. Antowain Smith needs to get out early and help the Patriots to a couple of sustained drives, or the game could slip away fast. With the Rams, you have to withstand the first blast. If the Patriots can do that, we'll have a game. They really overpowered a very good, tough and physically imposing Saints defensive line

As for stopping the Rams offense, it seems impossible. But the Patriots do have an awfully good weapon in their head coach. The venerable Parcells, after all, went to all three of his Super Bowls with Belichick as his defensive coordinator. And in 1990, Parcells' Giants faced a high-powered and varied offense in the Buffalo Bills. The underdog Giants controlled the clock and won the game when Scott Norwood went wide right.

Marker Bills call Glenn for NFL audition [12:14 PM]
Winnipeg Sun reports: 'Wednesday, the former long-snapper for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers received a call from his agent telling him that the Buffalo Bills of the NFL are interested in working him out.'

Marker Bills sign Cotton; look at Glenn [12:12 PM]
TSN reports: 'Meanwhile, the Bills are apparently interested in Winnipeg Blue Bombers long snapper Steve Glenn. The Ottawa native could be in Buffalo as soon as today to work out for the team.'

Marker Bills lures away Calgary Stampeders' outstanding rookie DE James Cotton [11:25 AM]
Calgary Sun reports: Cotton, is being projected as a linebacker with the Bills, who did not disclose details of the contract. Cotton said the Bills will give him his shot as a LB specializing as a pass rusher. Cotton, an Ohio State product, had nine QB sacks, 53 tackles and three forced fumbles last season. Cotton as a junior played with Antoine Winfield during his senior year.

Marker February Wallpapers feature Bills Pro-Bowlers [11:10 AM] reports: Wallpaper featuring Larry Centers is available and wallpaper featuring Ruben Brown will be loaded soon.
The artist Gina Mustico is an alumni of TBD (she started doing wallpapers for TBD) and posts on the stadium wall as "Moose".

Marker Ex-Bill Antowain Smith enjoying spotlight, feels he's vindicated [9:05 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"There are no hard feelings toward Buffalo. They have a new coach and new general manager, so they wanted to go in a different direction. But I knew I could still play in this league, and New England gave me the opportunity. I'm just happy to be in a place where I'm wanted."'

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