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Buffalo Bills News - February 7, 2002

Marker Former OSU star caught in furor [1:36 PM]
Columbus Dispatch reports: 'Winfield took the brunt of the financial hit. Yetts, a former Ohio State wrestler, cheated Winfield out of $1.35 million by putting Winfield's money into his own personal and business accounts, the commission's suit alleges. The Bills gave Winfield a $3.5 million signing bonus when they drafted him in the first round in 1999. When the cornerback looked to invest some of the bonus money, he cut ties with All Pro Sports and turned to Yetts. He returned to All Pro Sports after a background check by the Bills revealed a former NFL player had sued Yetts, U.S. News reported.'

Marker Bills to send Seven to NFL Europe. [1:00 PM]
BuffaloBills.Com reports: Finally, some real use of that opportunity.

Marker Jim Kelly's in the Hall of Fame - Oh That's Great [10:33 AM] reports: When Frank Reich was first told last Saturday of Jim Kelly's election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, his reaction was measured as precisely as a third down pass. "Oh, that's great," Reich said, happily but quietly. "That's really great." The response was typical Reich -- calm and even-keeled, not prone to exaggeration or hyperbole.

Marker Model Student. All-American Kicker. No Scholarship [10:31 AM]
New York Times reports: The Hinterbichler story begins with the 1991 Super Bowl. Because the Hinterbichler family was originally from Buffalo, Erik and his older brother, Kurt, watched in dismay as the Bills lost to the Giants, 20-19, when the Buffalo place-kicker Scott Norwood missed a 47-yard field- goal attempt with seconds left in the game.

Marker Bills sign four [9:06 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Buffalo Bills announced the signing of two center prospects among four free-agent signees Wednesday.'

Marker Agent: Winfield misquoted [9:05 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Buffalo Bills cornerback Antoine Winfield's agent said a magazine misquoted the player about accepting gifts from an agent while at Ohio State.'

Marker Jags interview Clements [9:04 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Clements also has interviewed for the offensive coordinator job in Buffalo.'

Marker Another dishonest player agent comes under the gun [8:26 AM]
Pro Football Weekly reports: Winfield and his agent are at odds. Apparently, Winfield feels his agent defrauded and stole from him. The thing that I always find interesting about players is how stupid they can be. If you come to people with your hand out and they?re willing to commit a legal act to get your name on a contract, why don?t these athletes realize that they are dealing with dishonest people? You do not want dishonest people handling your money and finances.

Marker Levy looks back on drafting Thurman Thomas [8:25 AM]
Pro Football HOF reports: Marv Levy talks about the 1988 draft, the year the Bills picked Thurman Thomas. Thomas was the eight RB taken that year. Anyone remember the Bears' Brad Muster?

Marker NFL greats compete in legends Beach Bowl [7:04 AM] reports: 'Reed also spoke about former teammate Jim Kelly, the former Bills quarterback who was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. "What can you say about Jim," Reed said. "There was probably no one more deserving to get in on his first try. It's great for the city of Buffalo and it's great for the Bills."'

Marker Agent: Former Ohio State star misquoted [7:02 AM]
AP reports: 'Buffalo Bills cornerback Antoine Winfield's agent said a magazine misquoted the player about accepting gifts from an agent while at Ohio State.'

Marker Bills sign four [5:08 AM]
D and C reports: 'Two centers, Michael Early and Tom Schau, cornerback Jason Bostic and defensive tackle DeVonte Peterson were added to the roster.'

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February 6, 2002

Marker Bills sign four free agents [9:11 PM]
AP reports: '...and center Tom Schau.'

Marker Bills sign another Center [6:30 PM] reports: The Bills today announced that the team has signed free agent center Tom Schau. He has a twin brother, Ryan, who played with him on the offensive line at Illinois and is currently a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Marker Bills sign three free agents [3:22 PM]
AP reports: 'The Buffalo Bills signed three free agents on Wednesday, including center Michael Early, who spent part of last season with the team. Also signed were cornerback Jason Bostic, who spent all of the 2000 season with the Philadelphia Eagles, and defensive tackle DeVonte Peterson, who attended Bills training camp last summer before being released.'

Marker Bills sign three free agents [2:15 PM] reports: The Bills today announced that the team has signed three free agents: cornerback Jason Bostic, center Michael Early, and defensive tackle DeVonte Peterson.

Marker Stick to the plan. It's called CYA football [12:11 PM]
The Sporting News reports: Coordinators are being hired to run a "system" even if the team's personnel doesn't fit. The Bills tried the West Coast way in 2001 even though QB Rob Johnson will never be mistaken for the prototype West Coast QB. The result was miserable. They gained decent yardage, but on third down and in the red zone, they flopped. With a new OC for 2002, you had better not mention WCO in Buffalo anymore.

"I want the Bills' offense," says GM Tom Donahoe. "I don't like systems. Too many guys are wedded to a system, and they run it come hell or high water even if the personnel doesn't fit it. Good coaching is putting your players in positions where they have a chance to be successful. And I don't see that happening enough in this league. The problem with the WCO is, unless you have Steve Young and Jerry Rice, it's not going to be the same."

Marker New full year pigskin calendar by Gina 'Moose' Mustico [9:28 AM] reports: The Buffalo Bills website has a new full year wallpaper desktop calendar with a pigskin theme by TBD contributor Gina 'Moose' Mustico.

Marker Erin to represent Bills Cheerleaders at Probowl [9:21 AM] reports: Our own Buffalo Jill, Erin, will represent Western New York and the Bills in the 2002 Pro Bowl which will take place in Honolulu Hawaii on Feb. 9, 2002.

Marker Croom not interested in Bills [9:06 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'One hurdle the Bills face in selling the opening is the question of job security.'

Marker Winfield knew that gifts in college were wrong [8:30 AM]
ESPN reports: Buffalo Bills cornerback Antoine Winfield said he violated NCAA rules by accepting gifts from an agent while he played at Ohio State, according to published reports.

Marker Money Players [7:37 AM]
US News and World Report reports: 'Antoine Winfield's story is one that should give every new NFL hotshot heartburn...[Winfield's agent Dunyasha Mon Yetts] cheated Winfield out of $1.35 million...Yetts lost about $30,000 playing craps at Winfield's house in Buffalo.'

Marker Winfield says agent gave him gifts [7:34 AM]
AP reports: 'Winfield said his former agent, Dunyasha Mon Yetts, gave him cash, trips to the Bahamas and Las Vegas, suits valued at $1,500 and Ohio State football tickets that he resold for profit.'

Marker Bills' options shrink [5:00 AM]
D and C reports: 'However, five of the seven [offensive coordinator] candidates have been eliminated without even coming to Buffalo for an interview.'

February 5, 2002

Marker Ramsdell declines interview for Bills job [4:06 PM]
AP reports: 'Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks coach Tom Clements has been the only candidate to interview in person for the Bills' position, left open after Mike Sheppard was fired last month. Former Steelers offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and former San Diego coach Mike Riley discussed the job with the Bills, but only over the phone. Riley has since joined the New Orleans Saints as assistant head coach and secondary coach.'

Marker Bills Alumni to host Recognition Luncheon [1:17 PM]
reports: The Buffalo Bills Alumni Association will be hosting a luncheon this Friday, February 8 at 11:00 AM for the representatives of the charitable organizations that received donations from the Alumni Foundation this past year.

Marker Couldn't That Be Us? [12:23 PM] reports: 'Bills fans should look at New England's win over the Rams and take comfort and confidence in it. Why? Because it's just further evidence that in today's NFL, teams can go from the bottom to the top in quick fashion and the Patriots are just the most recent (and most obvious) example.'

Marker Jim Kelly lands in Hall of Fame [7:02 AM]
Butler Eagle reports: 'Jim Kelly's football career began in East Brady. It's winding up in Canton, Ohio.'

Marker Ramsdell tells Buffalo he's staying put [5:27 AM]
St. Louis Post Dispatch reports: '"I decided to pull out of it," Ramsdell said Monday evening after the Rams had returned to St. Louis. "I talked to Gregg [Williams] about it and said that basically the best thing for me and my family after talking about it was to stay here. That's kind of the bottom line of it."'

Marker Buffalo's offensive improvement hinges on down-to-earth approach [5:23 AM]
Niagara Falls Reporter reports: 'Every successful version of the West Coast, from Joe Montana's 49ers to Donovan McNabb's Philadelphia Eagles, has one thing in common -- a quick-thinking, accurate-throwing quarterback. If you could hang Rob Johnson's arm from Alex Van Pelt's shoulder, you'd have the ideal quarterback for the offense. But you can't and you don't. And if you don't, you'd better find a new way to move the football. As Bills fans learned this year, the West Coast can be just as ugly as any other offense when you lack the proper point man.'

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