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Buffalo Bills News - July 30, 2001

Marker Let the pounding begin [5:12 AM]
D and C reports: '"There's an excitement here, a brand new offense, a brand new defense, a new coaching staff and GM, you've got a wholesale change here," said tight end Jay Riemersma. "It's fun, it's exciting, and I think the practice and tempo that you saw today will continue throughout the practices."'

Marker Wilson gives $100,000 to student fund [5:11 AM]
D and C reports: '"It's just a wonderful facility, not just for the players, but for the franchise," Wilson said. "People can come here from all over and watch practice and it creates enthusiasm, especially for the youngsters. Rochester's a great city and very important to the Bills. They've embraced us."'

Marker Flutie fans still miss their hero [5:10 AM]
D and C reports: 'Even inside the Wegmans merchandise tent on the Fisher campus, the division manifested itself. Flutie bobbing head dolls and T-shirts were displayed right next to ones bearing Johnson's likeness. A worker, requesting anonymity, said the Flutie shirts were out-selling the Johnsons.'

Marker Calculating coach lays the groundwork [5:09 AM]
D and C reports: 'Five minutes in Williams' presence, and one feels the urge to run home and organize the sock drawer.'

Marker Money nice, teammates nicer [5:08 AM]
D and C reports: '"I could have gone somewhere else and got some type of numbers like that, but you have to have teammates to get it done. To win a Super Bowl, I can't win it by myself."'

Marker Billboards beam Marv's honor, big time [5:07 AM]
Business First of Buffalo reports: 'The billboards feature a shot of Levy in a blue Bills jacket and the words, "right here, right now," which are taken from one of the coach's most oft-quoted pre-game speeches. The hall of fame's logo also appears on the billboard.'

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July 29, 2001

Marker Wilson preaches patience [7:35 PM]
AP reports: '"I think our organization with Tom and the coach, we're going to have a really good team. It may take a little longer than what the fans would like, know what I mean?"'

Marker Led by Moulds, Bills won't have trouble passing [5:22 PM]
AP reports: '"You look at it, I think I'd be hard-pressed to find a group in the NFL as deep and as good as this group," Bills rookie receivers coach Fred Graves said.'

Marker Wiliams press conference 07/29/01 [4:05 PM] reports: "It was good to get started the whole team back together today. Both Tom Donahoe and I were talking at practice on how crisp things were for the first practice, and I want to give credit to these guys for the time they put in the off-season. They started off today without missing a beat from where they left off June 14th, and that was exciting. We did a lot of first situational things this morning. We did a few third down things, but for the most part it was based on both sides of the ball..."

Marker Donahoe speaks on the "State of the Bills" [4:04 PM] reports: Buffalo Bills President / General Manager Tom Donahoe spoke to Bills' corporate partner Choice One Communications in the Molson Hospitality Tent Friday, July 27.

Marker St. John Fisher presents Ralph Wilson with Scholarship fund [4:03 PM] reports: On behalf of St. John Fisher, President Kathryn Keough presented Bills owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr. with a Scholar/Athlete Scholarship fund last night at a special Wegmans/ Buffalo Bills Training Camp Kick Off Event.

Marker Ruben Brown tackles hunger [4:02 PM] reports: Bills All-Pro guard Ruben Brown will participate in a photo opportunity to promote Tackling Hunger 2001, a national hunger relief program conducted by Campbell¹s Chunky Soup and the NFL to benefit food banks across the country.

Marker Bills Official Training Camp Update [4:00 PM] reports: Pittsford, NY (2:30 PM) - The Bills' veterans arrived at St. John Fisher Saturday afternoon, and the whole 80-man roster was on the field for Sunday morning practice.

Marker After offseason turmoil, Moore eager for action [9:16 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I want to play so bad, it hurts. But my time will come. It's finally good to just totally focus on football for a change."'

Marker Scratch below surface to mine young football gems [9:15 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'So who's your ruby in this year's camp? Carl Nesmith, the All-Big 12 safety from Kansas who went undrafted? Josh Roth, the former UB fullback who spent last season on the Bills' practice squad? David Dinkins, the Morehead State quarterback? Mine? Defensive tackle Tyrone Robertson, the very last draft choice.'

Marker Killing time was no slam dunk for Clements [9:14 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Coach Gregg Williams is counting on Clements to challenge for major playing time at cornerback and as a punt returner. Clements missed two days of practices, so he has some catching up to do.'

Marker What a great day for a parade... [7:42 AM]
TBD reports: 'Yesterday was just right for a parade, nice and sunny, and not too hot. I made it to the staging area at the high school about 4:45 to prepare for the line up. There were already alot of the convertibles awaiting the players arrival. Ruben Brown was already there, speaking with several fans and signing autographs.'

Marker Marv Levy [6:47 AM]
Canton Repository reports: '"We had a young Jim Kelly, a young Bruce Smith, a young Andre Reed, a young Thurman Thomas," he said. "The organization was magnificent. How lucky can you get?"'

Marker Levy, Polian relationship keyed Buffalo stampede [6:46 AM]
Canton Repository reports: '"Three things made Marv a great coach," Polian said. "No. 1 is his complete and total honesty with everyone he comes in contact with. No. 2 is his incredible ability to inspire loyalty and teamwork. No. 3 is his ability to make you feel that what you did, no matter how great or small, was important to the program."

Marker Levy: 'Mild-mannered, but he was a lion' [6:44 AM]
Canton Repository reports: '"He demanded respect," Spielman said, "but it was automatically given to him by his players because of the kind of coach he was and the kind of person he was."'

Marker Bills embrace lack of love [5:21 AM]
D and C reports: 'Williams loves the fact that the national perception of his team is one of indifference. Let the rest of the NFL forget all about the Bills, better for them to sneak up on unassuming opponents this year.'

Marker Clements' focus all football [5:20 AM]
D and C reports: '"I'm not a flashy person," he said. "I really don't need anything now so I don't feel there's a reason to go out and spend. That's one thing my mother and father always stayed on me about -- keep a level head. (Blowing my money) won't be an issue with me."'

Marker Donahoe fears impact of big deals, like Moss' [5:19 AM]
D and C reports: '"The fans may just quit coming. We keep raising ticket prices and make it more difficult for people to come, maybe that's what it will take to get some of (these salaries) back in line."'

Marker Parking change [5:18 AM]
D and C reports: 'Complaints from neighbors in Brighton's Blossom Road-Clover Street neighborhood have prompted the Buffalo Bills and St. John Fisher College to move a primary parking lot from Mercy High School to Nazareth College.'

July 28, 2001

Marker Friday Night Parade Welcomes Entire Bills Team Into Weekend Training [7:27 PM]
WOKR-TV reports: 'Pittsford now plans to hold a parade every year to kick off training camp.'

Marker Contract in hand, Clements concentrates on football [6:51 PM]
AP reports: 'As for plans to spend any of his bonus money, he said: "I'm not a flashy person. I really don't need anything right now."'

Marker Horns will blow to open Camp Williams [6:38 PM]
AP reports: 'To ensure that no one misses a minute of the first full day of training camp Sunday, Williams has instructed equipment manager Dave Hojnowski to begin sounding an air horn at 6 a.m. through the St. John Fisher College dormitory hallways, where the players are staying.'

Marker Rookies finish practice; await the arriving vets [4:48 PM] reports: "Saturday was the third and final day of the rookie/young veteran portion of Wegmans/Buffalo Bills Training Camp 2001, and there was one more rookie in attendance: first-round pick Nate Clements, who signed with the Bills late Friday."

Marker Gregg Williams press conference (7/28) [4:47 PM] reports: "Nobody had a better off-season than we did, no one had a better attended off season that we did in the NFL. I'm very pleased from where we're starting out right now. Make no mistake, players play this game... We've got more than enough time to get ready. The huge thing about training camp is technique."

Marker Tom Donahoe comments (7/28) [4:45 PM] reports: "I've always said training camp's for the players. It's a great experience for the fans and our marketing people do a tremendous job creating an experience for young people. Those young people who are out there, bring your parents and bring them over, because it's great. The football's great, the interactive stuff is great."

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